4 Tips For Lowering Your Cell Phone Bills

The cell phone bills have become an obsession for all of us. The large amount of bills takes away the peaceful sleepless nights. There are many ways to lower the Cell Phone Bill, they are the following:

  1. When you opt for a contract based network service, you have to go for the demands and offers placed by the network provider. In such a scenario when you find the bills to be too high to cope up with, then go for the prepaid phones. Prepaid phones have the flexibility of choosing plans that are best suited for your convenience.Once you go prepaid you have various options for opting out for any one of the services that include data plan, SMS plan or video call plan. Also, you can subscribe them on a day to day basis. This proves out to be a great boon in lowering the phone bills drastically to a very low. This also allows you to regulate the monthly bills by improvising from your previous mistakes of subscribing unwanted plans.
  1. Compressed internet browsing – There are internet browsers that can drastically reduce the amount of data that gets downloaded from the world wide web. Web Browsers such as Onavo Extend, Opera mini, UC browsers use one-fifth of the data while browsing when compared to the inbuilt browsers on the mobile phone. Also, there are multiple options in the browser to download only the text while browsing rather than downloading all the unwanted pictures and unwanted advertisements. They achieve their job by compressing the web pages on their respective servers and then redirecting them to the phones, thereby reducing data charges.
  1. Always check for the plans you are currently running on…- There are times when most of us would end up paying extra for the services that one may not be utilized. These services may have been accidentally activated on the phone, and they may be simply wasting your money. To avoid such a problem do a monthly reassessment of the plans active on your phones and the amount you are paying. Do make a call to the call center and get to know the plans that are still functional and active on the phone. This could be the best key way to reduce the unwanted phone bills.
  1. Try using alternative services whenever possible…- There are very different number of alternatives to contact with your near and dear ones, those include Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, email etc..Etc.. They offer alternative routes to reach the friends. One of the old ways of expressing your care and love; especially for your closest and dear ones was to send postcards and letters. This would be the best, one of a kind and beautiful ways to express with your true heart. The joy is not just in writing the letters, but also it gives great pleasure to the one who reads the letter. A letter or a postcard also serves as a memorable record and leaves a great imprint on the mind of the receiver of your affection.

Those letters during special occasions and celebrations are more than enough when compared to the long unwanted conversations that increase your bills.

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5 Ways to reduce your heating gas bills

There are many ways to cut back on the bills that you get for the heating gas. No doubt it is one of the most highly consuming utilities from amongst all, but still there are ways which will help you cut back. This topic can be better understood if you break the house into different segments and then figure out, what all is taken up by the heating gas. Avoiding to things, like putting ducts in such a manner that there is no loss of heat in the transit, there shouldn’t be leaks, and there shouldn’t be disconnections; leads only to less of it reaching the vents, and energy all going to waste. So, one has to be very cautious as to all of this.

All about the House

  • Always install programmable thermostats which take note of the temperature, and automatically reduce the cooling or the heating when you are home. Turning down the thermostat when you are away for work, or anything, and when you are asleep. Statistical data have shown that a significant percentage of savings can be achieved on the heating bill, by this simple precaution.
  • Curtains play a significant role in this. Keeping the curtains open throughout the day helps with the heating, but keeping them closed in the night, helps retain the heat within the rooms. Close all the doors and windows of the rooms which are not in use, you do not want to waste all the heat, right? So, in order to conserve whatever it is you have within, it is pertinent that you close off the openings.
  • Install water outlets which have restrictions on the flow, so as to save on the hot water used for bathing. Quick showers can also help you cut back on the volume of hot water that you are using; because heating water takes up a lot of energy in the household. Repair the leaks that are there in the bathroom, which will save on energy too.
  • You can reduce the time it takes to cook something out of the freezer, by letting the frozen goods to first defrost. And of course, using lids on the utensils while cooking also helps save a lot on the gas. More of glass and ceramic cookware can be used in the ovens. This will cut back a lot on the consumption of energy, and will also save time in cooking.
  • While using the washing machine, try and use cold water more often that will save up a lot on heating charges. And always wash in full loads, it saves more than splitting the loads into smaller ones.

All these ways of performing or acting within a household ensure that a lot of energy is conserved and also ensures that your bills come in a controlled manner. Simple things like keeping the blankets layered, so as to make them warmer and comfortable for the sleep, also helps save a lot on bills. And, also lower the thermostat when you are going off to sleep.

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Free Government Cell Phones

In today’ advanced and fast paced world, it is very important for every household to have access to certain means of telecommunication. But with the rising price of cell phones, it is becoming increasingly difficult for below poverty level families to own a cell phone. But is it possible to survive in today’s world without any means of telecommunication? Every family must make sure that they can be reached during times of emergency. The Free Government Cell phones are available to aid these poverty stricken families. This policy came into existence under the tenure of President Ronald Reagan but many are unaware of it. For those who are unaware about it, the Free Cell Phone policy of the government is very much effective.

People who can avail these policy

If you are under any Federal assistance then you can easily avail this Government policy and make full use of it. There are different kinds of Federal assistance- Food Stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, National School Lunch, Public Housing Assistance, Section 8 housing, Home Energy Assistance Programs. All these Federal assistance policies are designed to help the poor. If you are under the assistance of any of these policies, then do not hesitate to avail the free cell phone facility.

Many people are unsure whether they are eligible to avail this Free Government Cell Phone policy. If you have a poor monthly income but you are not under Federal assistance, you can still avail this benefit. There are a certain criteria. Your monthly household income should be within 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, only then can you avail the benefits of this policy. Do not hesitate; you just need to fill up a form. At most you will be rejected. So if you are not able to afford a cell phone, try your luck and fill out the form from a local provider.

Features available

If you expect to get a smart phone for free, then it is better to drop your hopes. The most you will get is an updated version of a basic cellular phone. You will get up to 250 minutes of free talk time every month. Also after that you can fill up additional talk time at reasonable rates. This can be hugely beneficial for families with meager income. At least it can be ensured that they can be reached during times of emergency. And do not expect to get more than one cell phone for every household. So it is useless if you fill up more than one form, you will receive only one cell phone per household.

This policy is funded by Universal Service Fund. More than 15 million poor Americans are enjoying the benefits of this noble policy. The Government is aided by various telecommunication companies in its venture. But it should be ensured that no one takes undue advantage of the generosity of the Government. If you can afford a cell phone on your own, please do not fill up a form and deny a genuinely poor person from availing this facility.

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